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Jules Szanto is licensed in Pennsylvania and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.




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About Me

Jules Szanto is an experienced criminal defense attorney in the city of Philadelphia who over his nine-plus years of practice has tried and won countless cases for his clients. He is a results- oriented attorney who won’t stop fighting until he’s delivered the best possible outcome for each and every client he represents.

Jules Szanto is originally from the greater Philadelphia area and after earning his law degree from New England Law | Boston in 2012, he immediately began practicing criminal law in the city of Philadelphia with one of the largest criminal defense firms. In fact, criminal defense and equal rights and justice for everyone was a passion which brought him to law school.

Immediately after returning to Philadelphia from Boston, Szanto jumped into the practice of criminal law. Not only was equal rights and criminal defense and justice one of the reasons he went to New England Law Boston, it was his focus and concentration while he was there. Barred and licensed in Pennsylvania, practicing criminal defense in Philadelphia has been Jules Szanto’s focus since he began. Over his years of practice in the city of Philadelphia, he is one of the best attorneys to help navigate a criminal defendant through the criminal justice system. Whether it means getting eligible clients into diversionary or treatment programs to help keep them out of jail or fighting with the state in front of a jury of your peers, Jules Szanto will not back down from a challenge and always fights for his clients.

Before he was an attorney, Jules Szanto spent his time teaching English in Central and South America. Not only did this perfect his fluency in Spanish, this taught him to appreciate the rewarding feeling of interacting with and helping people as well as being in the position to do so. Through these experiences he knew he was capable of aiding people in more ways than just teaching English. Having seen so many economic and social injustices, he decided to return to the United States and pursue a legal education and a career in the practice of law.